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  • Deadline: May 1st, 2010*

The ICAPS Executive Council is seeking proposals to host the 2012 International Conference on Automated Planning & Scheduling. ICAPS is the premier international conference focused on the field of automated planning and scheduling.

    * ICAPS'10 will take place in May 2010 in Toronto, Canada.
    * ICAPS'11 will take place in June 2011 in Freiburg, Germany.

Proposals to host ICAPS'12 should include:

    * Organizers and Organizational Structure

          o The proposal should indicate proposed program chair(s) and
          any other proposed conference committee members (e.g.,
          conference chair, local arrangements chair), and include a
          short CV of each.

    * Proposed conference dates and timetable

          o Dates should be in June or around June.

          o Provisional time-table - should include submission-date;
          reviewing period; author notification date, for conferences,
          workshops, etc.

    * Venue

          o Details of the venue and accommodation available to
          delegates including information about conference facilities,
          transportation access, accommodation and venue

          o Previous experience of the local organization team in
          organizing similar events.

    * Format

          o Information on the format of the conference (e.g. single
          track vs. multi-track, posters vs. presentations, etc.)

          o Special related events such as potential invited speakers,
          workshops, competitions, demonstrations, visits,

          o Any planned collocation with other conferences. ICAPS was
          co-located with both CP and KR in 2008 and will be
          co-located with AAMAS and KR in 2010. Collocation is not a
          requirement for submitting a proposal,

    * An outline budget of the the event, including information
      regarding the break-even point, registration fees and model
      (e.g., whether a single fee applies to all events, policy for
      joint registration with collocated conferences), policy and
      support for students and young researchers.

    * List of potential sponsors and support organizations.

    * Logistics

          o Include a brief description of the organization that will
          handle the logistics (managing registration, issuing badges,
          staffing registration desk, financial management, etc.) When
          ICAPS is in North America, ICAPS uses AAAI to provide
          conference and adminiatration support. AAAI may also be
          willing to provide conference support outside of North
          America and you can discuss this with AAAI directly.

          o Please note that the conference does not necessarily need
          to be held in the organizers' home region. Organizers can
          consider hiring suitable logistical support or a separate
          local arrangements team to be responsible for negotiation
          and selection of hotel, meeting place, and social event
          sites. For instance, when the conference is held in the
          North America, AAAI can perform these logistical functions,
          particularly when the proposers live outside the region
          selected for the conference. The ICAPS Council has contacted
          AAAI and obtained further information on the costs of these
          services. Organizers who wish to explore this option are
          encouraged to contact the Conference Liaison.

A number of other items would be positively considered, however, each of these is only one of several factors that the executive council will consider in their decision.

    * Proposals that foster interaction and cross fertilization with
      related fields (such as collocation with related conferences).

    * Proposals that include means for encouraging and including
      members of the community in early phases of their careers are
      also welcomed (such as the doctoral consortium or summer

    * Proposals that include means for fostering new areas of work and
      growing potentially under-represented areas of work (such as the
      special tracks).

    * Proposals whose geographical region has a critical mass of
      planning and scheduling researchers.

Proposers should note that

    * Funds are available carried over from previous conferences as
      seed money for future conferences. This money is required to
      guarantee the existence of the conference series and each
      organization applying to host ICAPS must show how they aim to
      cover all costs of the event.

    * ICAPS is a "AAAI affiliated conference": AAAI provides
      conference services when the conference is in North America;
      AAAI Press publishes the ICAPS Proceedings, including online
      version of the proceedings.

Proposals to host ICAPS should be sent electronically (PDF file) to

Please submit proposals by May 1, 2009.

Proposers are strongly encouraged to submit draft proposals at least 3 weeks before that deadline. Please get in touch ASAP with the Conference Liaison Officier for

    * comments or advice on particular points
    * statistics on previous ICAPS conferences,
    * past successful proposals (pending the agreement of their proposers).

Clearly the closer to the deadline, the harder it will be to offer feedback.

Information about previous and next ICAPS conferences is available in the Guidelines for Conference Organizers available at in this document.

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